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We LOVE hearing from happy customers, and with that in mind we think you'll also appreciate these testmonials from others who have benefitted from Dr. Scheele's life-changing care!

Victor suffered from a very deep bite that placed the forces of his teeth in the wrong direction. This was causing the teeth to wear away and break down at the gum line. Previous crowns placed at the old bite were breaking down due to the irregular placement. By reestablishing an ideal bite we were able to restore Victor’s smile with 28 Empress veneers and overlays.

Dear Dr. Scheele and Staff,

After years of pain and chipping teeth, I’d had enough! Now, two years after having the problem corrected, I just continue to say “Thank you, thank you…thank you!”

It took some time to adjust to my reconstructed mouth, but my teeth no longer hurt. Nor, do I occasionally feel a piece of enamel as I chew food. The gaps that once existed and the mismatched color created by numerous crown and other corrections of earlier problems are also gone. The restorative procedure, which you recommended and which I underwent, has proven highly successful. Not only did it correct my tooth problems, but according to many, has improved my appearance as well.

I just want you to know that the professionalism shown by each and every one of you is greatly appreciated. Appointments were made at accommodating times, attention was prompt, explanations of procedures thorough, your facilities were spotless and professional, and even the bread baked in the lobby was good!

My hat’s off to all of you. Thanks, and keep up the good work, putting bright smiles on all of Fort Wayne,


Victor Locke
Channel 21 News

Before and After :

Victor Locke

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