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Our Team

Barb - Dental Hygienist

A great hygienist, with a real ability to connect and understand people, is how Dr. Scheele describes Dental Hygienist Barb. “My patients rave about Barb and how comfortable and confident they feel when they are in her chair,” said Dr. Scheele. “I rarely go in her hygiene room or pass a patient in the hall without someone pointing out to me how much they like Barb,” he added.

A graduate of Kalamazoo Valley, Barb was attracted to dentistry for the opportunity to truly help people and create beautiful, healthy smiles. She was attracted to Dr. Scheele’s office for the opportunity to accomplish both of those and to work with a team that all agrees, the patient comes first.

“Barb has been a cornerstone of my practice since 1999,” stated Dr. Scheele. Her love of Dental Hygiene fuels her desire to provide an important service to our patients. She enjoys the opportunity to get to know our patients on a personal level and to help them to understand why complete oral care is beneficial to their overall health.

If you would like to schedule a hygiene visit or just have a question for Barb, please click here.

Paige - Dental Hygienist

Paige is the newest member of our team. She is a 2015 graduate of Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne, where she excelled academically while obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene. She was attracted to Dr. Scheele’s office for the opportunity to work with a team that was committed to advancing their skills and knowledge with dentistry and technology.

“I was excited to join Dr. Scheele’s team to be able to provide dental care with the newest and best technology available,” said Paige. "Intra-oral cameras, Diagnodent laser decay detectors, and the Perio-Protect Program are just a few of the treatment options that allow me to provide optimal treatment to my patients,” she added.

Aside from her professional career, Paige enjoys working out, running, and spending time with her family and friends.

If you would like to schedule a hygiene visit or just have a question for Paige, please click here.

Melanie - Dental Assistant/Treatment Coordinator

If it is new, high-tech or changing the face of dentistry, treatment coordinator Melanie wants to learn more about it. Melanie joined Dr. Scheele’s team for the opportunity to further her education and knowledge beyond traditional dentistry.

“I was attracted to Dr. Scheele’s office because of the advanced dental procedures that he was performing. The full mouth rehabilitations that we perform in our office change our patient’s lives. I just love being a part of that. It is so rewarding to see Dr. Scheele give someone the smile that they have always dreamed of.”

Melanie is one of the smiling faces that will greet you when you walk in to our office. She is also the person that will help you to work out your financial needs and answer your insurance questions.

Alexa - Dental Assistant/Treatment Coordinator

Aside from being Dr. Scheele’s daughter, a desire to learn the latest advancements in dental care and technology are what attracted Alexa to work in our office.

“I am a people person, and I love working with and learning about our patients. This job is so interesting, each patient has different needs, and each case is different. The combination of working so closely with patients, and the incredible opportunity to learn and grow makes this the perfect job for me. Dentistry today is exciting. The field of dentistry is constantly changing, and it keeps me on my toes. The technology is incredible, and Dr. Scheele and our entire team are committed to remaining cutting edge, in both areas of high-tech dentistry and patient experience. With these two goals, how could I want to work anywhere else!”